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Residential Cleaning (Domestic Cleaning)

Your house is not just a house. Your house is your home, your special private place where you share your intimacy with your family and friends. It is where you can rest and establish the best connection with yourself. A clean environment helps to keep the energy flowing and makes much easier to relax, however we understand the daily life sometimes makes it difficult to find the time to keep everything as clean and tidy as we wish. That’s why United Cleaners offers a variety of domestic services, tailor made to meet your needs and help you in making your life easier, leaving you more time to enjoy life's little pleasures Managing cleaners is our day to day job and we know how important it is to have a good eye to detail when it comes to cleanliness. We provide professional residential domestic cleaning in Bristol and surround areas. Our routine cleaning can be done daily, weekly or fortnightly. We know emergencies may happen, yet we always work hard to guarantee you have the same team every session, so you always can be sure your house will be just the way you like! **Our cleaners are strictly vetted and professionally trained. References will be provided upon request.

Commercial Cleaning (Office / Shop / Warehouse Cleaning)

No matter how big your office or shop is, at United Cleaners we understand how a clean and organised environment can help to focus on the daily work. Providing staff and clients a clean and healthy setting is one of the keys of success. So, you can mind your own business and leave the cleaning with United Cleaners. Same team every time, so we know exactly what to do. We offer commercial services on hourly or pro-rata basis. Daily or weekly, we can discuss the best option according your needs. We also offer extra services to help keeping your work space a truly enjoyable environment even on a rainy Monday. *Computer and Office Equipment cleaning * Carpet Cleaning * Hard floor Care * Windows Cleaning

Spring Cleaning

Spring comes bringing the beauty of the flowers, sunny weather, vitamin D and happy faces. It is the time we put away our winter wardrobe and bring back the light clothes and shoes, open our cupboards and windows, letting a bit more than just the sunlight to come to our homes. Open windows mean double the dust! United Cleaners is here to help you get rid of that dust and organise your wardrobes and cupboards again. This is a hourly rated service, so you only pay for the hours used! We offer special bundles if you want to add it up some extra services such as oven, carpet, upholstery, mattress cleaning and/or mould removal. Also, our expert personal organisers can give you an extra hand to reinvent your home. End of Tenancy Cleaning (Moving in / Moving Out)

 Moving houses is always a hassle. All the paperwork and packing can be very stressful. No matter if you are the home owner, state agent or the new/past tenant, if there is someone moving in it is crucial to leave the property spotless for the new tenants or buyers and guarantee the people that are moving out will receive their deposit back. United Cleaners provide a full tenancy clean for all kind of properties and pockets. A deep clean from top to bottom of the property and you can choose between our deluxe service, which may include many extra services on a package deal tailored to suit your needs or go for the hourly rate and pay for any added extra service separately. Please note the deluxe package is a guaranteed service, so you will need to book your inventory for the same day or next morning and if your inventory company is not happy for any cleaning related reason, we will can back free of charge to redo what is in question.

Extra services that may be included in the packages are:

* Carpet Cleaning * Upholstery Cleaning * Mattress Cleaning * Oven Cleaning * Mould Removal *Steam Cleaning *Jet Washing * Wall Cleaning (it may not be suitable for certain types of paintwork).